Do you have an interest in the Creative and Cultural Economy , Heritage and Placemaking? If you do we invite you to come along to the Introductory Scoping Session for a Creative Community Placemakers Network, April 30th 2019,  18:00 to 19:30,  Basement Floor, Lambeth Town Hall. 1 Brixton Hill, Brixton, London, SW2 1RW. Admission is free and all are welcome. Please register for the event here.

We aim to bring together Creatives, Communities and Placemakers over a programme of events to foster: Skills and Knowledge transfer, to build trust, foster relationship and provide community access to various specialists with an interest in empowering communities in Creative Placemaking, and together launch a Creative Commmunity Placemakers Network.

At the Introductory Session we want to hear from you as to your area of interest, what you want to get out of the Network and what skills, knowledge, tools or resources you would be willing to share with the Network. We will also invite those of you interested in leading events to submit proposals as to what you would like to do here. We are looking for people willing to give a talk, or lecture, make a presentation or showcase their work, lead a workshop, class, or other immersive exercise or experience, provide event space, sponsor events, partner on and suggest projects and share widely with their networks. Do get in contact here.

Based on your input and feedback we will coordinate a social value programme of events based on your suggestions. Potential themes include Creative Enterprise, Health and Wellbeing and Placemaking.  We look forward to meeting you in April however  in the interim please feel free to email us your suggestions here.

Creative Placemaking focuses on the arts, culture and creativity as a means of engaging residents and equipping them with the knowledge needed to improve the places they live work, play and learn. As a strategy Creative Placemaking helps communities improve health and well-being , prosperity, social inclusion, tolerance, equity  and attracts the attention needed to revitalise public space, buildings, neighbourhoods and whole districts.

The objective of the network is to facilitate:

  1. Skills and knowledge transfer.
  2. Share ideas and information,
  3. Discuss problems and together propose and find solutions and
  4. Create collaborations and find opportunities to work together on community benefit projects, (including skills training, community placemaking, community co design and community led development, fundraising and grant application for community projects, volunteer and community executed placemaking and improvement proposals, activities and events to foster social cohesion and community building).
  5. Realise community benefit projects when the opportunities arise, funding can be raised and labour and resources sourced for implementation and maintenance.
  6. Foster community building, social inclusion and community empowerment.
  7. Document the process of network formation and produce a guidance document on the exercise so that the results can be replicated elsewhere to facilitate knowledge transfer.

You are most welcome to join the  Creative Community Placemakers Network  if you are interested in the Creative and Cultural Econony, Heritage and Placemaking  supporting  communities,  realising a community co designed or community led project, or partnering with us in some capacity, please do get in contact here. We welcome all involved in Creative and Cultural Enterprise, Community Building and Development, Placemaking, Urban Design and the Public Realm. We include those who commission, fund, design, programme, activate, use and maintain places.

Network Members will have the opportunity to:

  • Nominate potential community projects for our attention.
  • Volunteer to participate in any initiatives or activities we engage in as part of our community benefit outreach.
  • Network with fellow like minded members at any of our events.
  • Present their own work to other fellow network members should they wish to make a presentation.
  • Contribute articles to our blog.
  • Donate either their time, talent or treasure to help fund a special project or realise an initiative.

Based on your feedback we are coordinating a series of events, workshops, presentations for community benefit  and will be posting details here, If you would like to help in some capacity or sponsor an event or provide meeting space  we would love to hear from you.